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Deafadil is an experimental Bass Music DJ/Producer and visual artist from Illinois, now based out of Orange County, California.


Thriving at desert renegades and underground shows, he captures influence from Trap, Halftime, IDM, and House, and mixes them into a chaotic blend of bass.


Recieving support from artists such as PEEKABOO, Mersiv, and Ravenscoon,  Deafadil is an up and comer to watch.

Recent releases

Label Affiliations

SUS Collective


Solace Family

Presently Lifted

Dreamcorp South Africa (Under previous alias)


[Indicates Headliner] (Indicates relevant affiliations)

2018 - Cairo Ale House Chicago   [Vampa] (Swampwoofer)

2018 - Subterranean Chicago  [Crowell]  (Swampwoofer)

2019 - Public Access LA   [CHEE]

2020 - Vibey Desert   [Eugene]

2020 - Synchronistic Sound Renegade  [Headliner] (Chef Boyarbeats, Bagsss)

2020 - Vibey Desert Virtual Livestream  [Episcool] (Jordnmoody)

2020 - AZRaveX Renegade  [Prophet] (Jordnmoody, Ujuu)

2021 - Charged Events Livestream  [FOMO]

2021 - Blueprints Livestream  [Headliner]